Darren Lau

I do a lot of hobby projects and enjoy managing my own infras.

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My Obsidian Plugins

spotify-apiJS APIIntegrate Spotify functionality into your Obsidian notes.Github
kv-storeJS APIThis plugin adds a key-value store to Obsidian, allowing you to store and retrieve key-value pairs in your vault.Github

Other Projects

Discord Scam Links ListPythonAll discord scam link concentrated from multiple listsGithubNone
playit-dockerDockerPlayit in a container. Mount a playit config file at /etc/service/playit/playit.tomlGithubNone
micropython-adapterMicropythonA simple adapter I wrote for my projectGithubDocumentation
Tailscale-limbo-minecraftDocker, Tailscale, MinecraftA limbo Minecraft server with tailscale shipped. Remember to persist /app/GithubNone
tailscale-dockerTailscale, DockerTailscale running in docker (Remember to persist /app/)GithubNone
MC Server StarterPythonMinecraft server makerGithubNone
run-minecraft-server-containerDockerVelocity 1.16.5 Server in a containerGithubNone
cuberite-dockerDockerCuberite in a docker for a quick spinGithubNone
coder-tailscaleTailscale, DockerCoder with tailscale vpn running Remember to persist /app/GithubNone

Obsidian Widgets

Spotify Widgets

This widget uses a custom plugin to fetch data from Spotify and a few other more to display the UI.It also includes a auto fetch script and a repeat status handler.

Plugins Needed

Device Info Widget

This widget uses Obsidian's Capacitor api and node js API to get data while on Windows.While on android it fully uses Obsidian's Capacitor api.

Command Center

This widget uses Templater's api to provide the open and create files buttons. It also uses Buttons's api to create buttons.